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Understanding what is Classification

Biological classification

  • The art of identifying distinctions among organisms and placing them into groups that reflect their most significant features and relationship is called biological classification.
  • Biological classification is the process by which scientists group living organisms. Organisms are classified based on how similar they are.
  • Biological classification determined by examining the physical characteristics of an organism but modern classification uses a variety of techniques including genetic analysis.
  • The purpose… (953 more words) …

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History of Taxonomy – Part 2

(5) George Bentham (1800 - 1884) and Joseph Dalton Hooker (1817 - 1911) : -

  • Both Bentham and Hooker were related to Royal botanical garden.

  • Scientists working in botanical garden are known as curator.

  • They wrote the book “Genera plantarum” (1862 - 1883).

    • In this book, Bentham and Hooker gave the biggest and natural classification of spermatophyte i. e. plants with seeds.

    • In Genera plantarum, there is description of 202… (866 more words) …

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