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Taxonomical Aids

Biologists have established certain procedures and techniques to store and preserve the information as well as the specimens, some of these are explained to help you understand the usage of these aids.

(1) Herbarium: - Herbarium is a store house of collected plant specimens that are dired, pressed and preserved on sheet.

These sheets are then arranged in their order of classification in the taxonomical hierarchy.

These herbarium sheets

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Understanding Taxonomy

Taxonomy: Name comes from Greek word taxis and nomos.

Taxis = arrangement or division, nomos = law → Taxonomy is the study of principles and procedures of scientific classification.

This word was proposed by A. P. de. Candolle in 1813 in his book “Theories elementary de la botanique” (Theory of elementary botany)

 Image showing Plant taxonomy.

Image Showing Plant Taxonomy.

The word “Taxonomy” is derived from two Greek words taxis = order and nomos

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