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Some Definition Related To Species

1) Sibling species or Cryptic species: -

  • Members of species which are morphologically similar but reproductively isolated are known as sibling species i. e. they cannot interbreed among themselves.
  • Sibling species is one taxonomic species (because these members have similar morphology) but they are different biological species. [Because they cannot interbreed]

eg. Brassica oleracea

2) Allopatric species: -

  • The species found in different geographical regions and have geographical… (172 more words) …

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Understanding Nomenclature


Nomenclature is defined as a system of names and terms used in a particular field of study or community.

Nomenclature is the terminology used in a particular science, art, activity, etc.

Binomial system:

Binomial nomenclature is a system for naming plants and animals by means of two Latin names: the first indicating the genus and the second the species to which the organism belongs.

Understanding the meaning of Binomial nomenclature

Understanding the Meaning of Binomial… (245 more words) …

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