NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Diversity in Living World-Five Kingdom Classification Revision (Page 8 of 46)

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Economic Importance of BGA

Useful activities: -

  • They provide fertility to soil by nitrogen fixation.

eg. Nostoc, Anabaena, Aulosira, Oscillatoria

  • The most proteinaceous food for animals -

eg. Spirulina

  • It gives fertility to sterile alkaline soil and USAR soil. BGA secretes an acidic chemical which decreases the alkalinity of soil

eg. Nostoc commune, Scytonema ocellatum, Aulosira fertilissima

  • Some BGA are used as green manure

eg. Anabaena, Spirulina

  • Some BGA secrete toxin, which inhibits the growth of mosqu

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“Group of ancient bacteria”

  1. Evolutionary they are primitive. They were the first to be born on our planet and they are present now days with their primitive characters. They are the “Oldest living fossils”.

  2. They are different from eubacteria in many ways.

  3. Mostly archaebacteria are obligate anaerobes.

  4. Thermococcus, Methanococcus and Methanobacterium exemplify archaebacteria that contain protein homologous to eukaryotic core histones.

  5. Their cell wall is not made up of p

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