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Kingdom Protista

Living organisms included in Protista are as follow Dinoflagellates, Diatoms, Euglenoids, Slime molds, Protozoans. The entire organisms included in Protista are unicellular (acellular) eukaryotes.

Protista are single cell, or colony of similar cells. These kinds of organisms are found in water, and include most kinds of parasite, but also algae, and plankton. Protista can sometimes seem to act quite like animals, moving independently and hunting for food.

Characteristics of Kingdom

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Slime Moulds


  • They are seen during rainy season, in cool, shady places.
  • Cell wall is present only in spores.
  • Mostly heterotrophic, some are saprotrophic or parasitic.
  • Exhibit amoeboid movement, some are swarmers that move with the flagella.
  • Reproduction is both asexual and sexual.
  • They occur in a wide variety of colors.


  • These organisms develop a slimy mass at the time of their vegetative phase; therefore they are called slime moulds.
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