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Bacteria reproduce by two methods

  1. Asexual reproduction
  2. Genetic recombination

1. Asexual reproduction

(i) Binary fission -

  • This is the most common method of bacterial reproduction. Binary fission takes place by amitosis. (Amitosis is characteristic of prokaryotes. Mitosis and Meiosis never occur in prokaryotes. )
  • First of all DNA replication takes place in bacterial cell. Under favourable conditions the bacterial cells divide into two cells due to formation of transverse septum in…

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  • Most of the bacteria are heterotrophic i. e. , they cannot manufacture their own food.

  • They receive their own food from dead organic matter or living organism.

These are of following types

  1. Saprotrophic bacteria - These bacteria obtain food from dead and decaying organic matter.

    These are of two types

    1. Obligate saprotrophic - These bacteria obtain food only from dead organic matter.

      These are completely saprotrophs

      e. g. Bacillus vulgaris, Clostridium botulinum

    2. Facultativ…

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