NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology Diversity in Living World-Five Kingdom Classification Revision (Page 3 of 46)

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Staining of Bacteria

Gram staining technique:

  1. First of all H. C. Gram differentiated bacteria on the basis of staining.

  2. In the first step of this method bacteria are stained with Crystal Violet and then KI solution.

  3. After staining, bacteria are washed with Acetone or Ethyl alcohol. After washing some bacteria retain the stain and some bacteria are decolorized.

  4. Bacteria which retain stain (violet or purple) are called Gram (+) and bacteria which decolorize are known as Gram (-). Gram (-) bac

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Nutrition in Bacteria

  • Compared to many other organisms, bacteria as a group show the most extensive metabolic diversity. Most of the bacteria are heterotrophic but some are autotrophic. On the basis of nutrition bacteria are classified into following three categories.


    These bacteria use light or chemical energy for their own food synthesis.

    On the basis of source of energy autotrophs are of following two types

    (i) Photosynthetic autotrophs -

  • These bacteria use light energy for food synth

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