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Blue Green Algae (B. G. A)

  • According to Two kingdom system B. G. A. were included in class Cyanophyceae or Myxophyceae of Algae. But now they are included in Kingdom Monera, because of their prokaryotic nature.
  • B. G. A. is now known as cyanobacteria. The name cyanobacteria were suggested by ICNB [International Code of Nomenclature for Bacteria] in 1978.
  • Cyanobacteria are photosynthetic prokaryotes. Some eubacteria also have photosynthesis process but there is some differences in the
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Points to Remember

  • A special type of cell is found for nitrogen fixation in BGA which is known as heterocyst. Heterocysts are thick walled, non-green cell.
  • Heterocysts don’t perform the photosynthesis like other vegetative cells.
  • Nitrogenase enzyme is necessary for nitrogen fixation. For the synthesis of this enzyme, there is a special type of gene present in BGA, which is known as Nif-gene [Nif = Nitrogenase inducing factor]. This gene stimulates the production
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