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Bacteria included in Archaebacteria

1. Methanogens: -

“Methane producing bacteria”

  • These bacteria convert C02 of swampy areas (Marshy) into methane (CH4). eg. Methanobacterium, Methanococcus, Methanomicrobium
  • These bacteria convert the organic substance (cellulose) present in cow dung into methane by fermentation [Gobar gas fermenter).

eg. Methanobacterium, Methanococcus, Methanomicrobium

  • An archaebacterium is found in the rumen of cattle, where it digests the cellulose by fermentation and converts it into methane.

eg. Ruminococcus

2. Halophiles: -

  • These archaebacteria are found in highly saline areas.
  • eg. Halobacterium
  • Halococcus
  • Halophiles surrounded by purple membrane. This membrane absorbs the bright light and directly forms ATP… (135 more words) …

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Useful Activities of Bacteria

1. Ammonification - Ammonifying bacteria -

Some bacteria convert Protein (present in decaying plants & animals) into Ammonia. e. g. , Bacillus vulgaris, Bacillus mycoides, Bacillus ramosus

2. Nitrification - Nitrifying bacteria -

These bacteria convert Ammonia in to Nitrite and later into Nitrate.

NH3 Nitrosomonas →NO2 (Nitrite) Nitrobacter NO3 (Nitrite)

3. Nitrogen fixation - Nitrogen fixing bacteria -

These bacteria convert the atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compounds like amino acids, nitrate or ammonium salts.

Nitrogen fixation is done by two methods -

(A) Symbiotically - Some bacteria live symbiotically and do nitrogen fixation.… (630 more words) …

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