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Nutrition in Bacteria

  • Compared to many other organisms, bacteria as a group show the most extensive metabolic diversity. Most of the bacteria are heterotrophic but some are autotrophic. On the basis of nutrition bacteria are classified into following three categories.


    These bacteria use light or chemical energy for their own food synthesis.

    On the basis of source of energy autotrophs are of following two types

    (i) Photosynthetic autotrophs -

  • These bacteria use light energy for food synthesis.

  • In these bacteria photosynthesis is non-oxygenic.

  • Photolysis of water does not take place here, so hydrogen is received from other sources like inorganic sulphur compound… (292 more words) …

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“Group of ancient bacteria”

  1. Evolutionary they are primitive. They were the first to be born on our planet and they are present now days with their primitive characters. They are the “Oldest living fossils”.

  2. They are different from eubacteria in many ways.

  3. Mostly archaebacteria are obligate anaerobes.

  4. Thermococcus, Methanococcus and Methanobacterium exemplify archaebacteria that contain protein homologous to eukaryotic core histones.

  5. Their cell wall is not made up of peptidoglycan like that of eubacteria. Their cell wall is made up of complex polysaccharides and complex polypeptide.

  6. Their cell membrane is not a unit membrane, while in eubacteria the cell membrane… (97 more words) …

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