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We have a total of 319 Study Material available on NEET (NTA)-National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Medical) Biology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Diversity in Living World (111)

What is Living? (13)

Five Kingdom Classification (98)

Structural Organization in Animals and Plants (12)

Plant Tissues - Morphology, Anatomy and Functions (7)

Animal Tissues - Morphology, Anatomy and Functions - Mainly Cockroach (4)

Introduction to Structural Organization (1)

Plant Physiology (6)

Plant Growth and Development (6)

Human Physiology (136)

Digestion and Absorption (46)

Breathing and Respiration (24)

Excretory Products and Their Elimination (20)

Neural Control and Coordination (42)

Introduction to Human Physiology (4)

Reproduction (54)

Reproduction in Organisms (7)

Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants (31)

Human Reproduction (14)

Introduction to Reproduction (2)

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