Diversity in Living World-What Is Living? (NEET Biology): Questions 127 - 127 of 127

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Question number: 127

» Diversity in Living World » What Is Living? » Concept of Species and Taxonomical Hierarchy

Appeared in Year: 2016



Study the four statements (1 - 4) given below and select the two correct ones out of them:

  1. Definition of biological species was given by Ernst Mayr.
  2. Photoperiod does not affect reproduction in plants.
  3. Binomial nomenclature system was given by R. H. Whittaker.
  4. In unicellular organisms, reproduction is synonymous with growth.

The two correct statements are: -


Choice (4) Response


3 and 4


1 and 2


2 and 3


1 and 4

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