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Question number: 221

» Mental Ability » Basic Geometry



In the given figure, line RT is drawn parallel to SQ. If and , then is

Quadrilateral poly1 Quadrilateral poly1: Polygon P, Q, R, S Arc e Arc e: Semicircle through B and C Arc k Arc k: Semicircle through D and E Arc p Arc p: Semicircle through F and G Arc q Arc q: Semicircle through H and I Segment a Segment a: Segment [P, Q] of Quadrilateral poly1 Segment b Segment b: Segment [Q, R] of Quadrilateral poly1 Segment c Segment c: Segment [R, S] of Quadrilateral poly1 Segment d Segment d: Segment [S, P] of Quadrilateral poly1 Segment f Segment f: Segment [S, Q] Segment g Segment g: Segment [R, T] Segment h Segment h: Segment [S, A] Segment h_1 Segment h_1: Segment [S_1, A_1] Point P P = (3.88,3.02) Point P P = (3.88,3.02) Point P P = (3.88,3.02) Point Q Q = (8.34,3.14) Point Q Q = (8.34,3.14) Point Q Q = (8.34,3.14) Point R R = (9.18,0.66) Point R R = (9.18,0.66) Point R R = (9.18,0.66) Point S S = (4.1, -1.04) Point S S = (4.1, -1.04) Point S S = (4.1, -1.04) Point T T = (10.48,2.08) Point T T = (10.48,2.08) Point T T = (10.48,2.08)

Image of a Quadrilateral Trapezium PQRS

Representing the image of a quadrilateral trapezium PQRS


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