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Question number: 209

» Mental Ability » Basic Geometry



From the rectangle DEFG the square ABCD is removed, leaving an area of 108 square units. If AE is 6 and GC is 10 units, the original area of DEFG is

Quadrilateral poly1Quadrilateral poly1: Polygon A, B, C, DQuadrilateral poly2Quadrilateral poly2: Polygon D, E, F, GSegment aSegment a: Segment [A, B] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment bSegment b: Segment [B, C] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment cSegment c: Segment [C, D] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment dSegment d: Segment [D, A] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment d_1Segment d_1: Segment [D, E] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment eSegment e: Segment [E, F] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment fSegment f: Segment [F, G] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment gSegment g: Segment [G, D] of Quadrilateral poly2Point AA = (2.6,1.98) Point AA = (2.6,1.98) Point AA = (2.6,1.98) Point BB = (4.12,1.98) Point BB = (4.12,1.98) Point BB = (4.12,1.98) Point CC = (4.1,0.84) Point CC = (4.1,0.84) Point CC = (4.1,0.84) Point DD = (2.58,0.84) Point DD = (2.58,0.84) Point DD = (2.58,0.84) Point EE = (2.6,3.74) Point EE = (2.6,3.74) Point EE = (2.6,3.74) Point FF = (6.54,3.74) Point FF = (6.54,3.74) Point FF = (6.54,3.74) Point GG = (6.5,0.82) Point GG = (6.5,0.82) Point GG = (6.5,0.82)

Image of a Square ABCD Inscribed in a Rectangle DEFG


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