101 Questions on NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics) MSc and MA Mathematics with Detailed Explanations and Solutions

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We have a total of 101 Questions available on NBHM (National Board for Higher Mathematics) MSc and MA Mathematics. You can choose a topic or subtopic below or view all Questions. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Questions available on that topic.

Geometry in Complex Plane (4)

Cauchy-Riemann Equation (1)

Nth Roots of Unity (4)

Cauchy Residue Theorem (4)

Analyticity in C (1)

Trigonometric Identities (1)

Line Integral in Complex Plane (3)

Residues of Complex Function (2)

Integration in Complex Plane (1)

Order of Pole and Its Residue (1)

Differentiability in Complex Plane (4)

Square Root of a Complex Plane (1)

Taylor Series Expansion (Complex) (3)

Definite Integral (8)

Leibniz Rule for Differentiation under Integral Sign (2)

Definite Integral as Limit of a Sum (5)

Limits (1)

Indeterminate Forms (8)

Limits & Integration (1)

Taylor's Theorem (1)

LMVT (1)

Inequalities Using LMVT (2)

Determinant (2)

Sequences and Series (Convergence) (3)

Absolutely Convergent (1)

Convergence of Positive Series Test (5)

Tests of Convergence (3)

Cauchy 2nd Theorem on Limits (1)

Exponential Series (3)

Binomial Series (4)

Logarithmic Series (1)

Summation of Series (1)

G.P Series (1)

Maxima and Minima (4)

Radius of Convergence (2)

Interval of Convergence (2)

Continuity (2)

Continuity and Differentiability (3)

Points of Continuity (2)

Rolle's Theorem and IVT (1)

Leibniz Rule for Successive Differentiation (1)