Basic Mathematics (KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) Stream-SA (Class 11) Math): Questions 144 - 144 of 164

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Question number: 144

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In the figure given below, PQRSTU is a regular hexagon of side length , and are squares. Then the ratio equals

Polygon poly1 Polygon poly1: Polygon [A, B, 6] Polygon poly1 Polygon poly1: Polygon [A, B, 6] Polygon poly2 Polygon poly2: Polygon [G, H, 4] Polygon poly2_1 Polygon poly2_1: Polygon [G_1, H_1,4] Segment f Segment f: Segment [A, B] of Polygon poly1Segment g Segment g: Segment [B, C] of Polygon poly1Segment h Segment h: Segment [C, D] of Polygon poly1Segment i Segment i: Segment [D, E] of Polygon poly1Segment j Segment j: Segment [E, F] of Polygon poly1Segment k Segment k: Segment [F, A] of Polygon poly1Segment l Segment l: Segment [G, H] of Polygon poly2Segment m Segment m: Segment [H, I] of Polygon poly2Segment n Segment n: Segment [I, J] of Polygon poly2Segment p Segment p: Segment [J, G] of Polygon poly2Segment l_1 Segment l_1: Segment [G_1, H_1] of Polygon poly2_1Segment m_1 Segment m_1: Segment [H_1, I_1] of Polygon poly2_1Segment n_1 Segment n_1: Segment [I_1, J_1] of Polygon poly2_1Segment p_1 Segment p_1: Segment [J_1, G_1] of Polygon poly2_1Segment q Segment q: Segment [G, H_1] Segment t Segment t: Segment [G_1, I_1] Segment a Segment a: Segment [I_1, H] Segment r Segment r: Segment [G_1, H] P text1 = “P”Q text1_1 = “Q”R text1_2 = “R”S text1_3 = “S”T text1_4 = “T”U text1_5 = “U”K text1_6 = “K”J text1_7 = “J”H text1_8 = “H”I text1_9 = “I”

a Regular Hexagone PQRSTU

In figure a regular hexagone PQRSTU is shown. PUHJ and PQIK are square.

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