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Topic-Wise JEE (Based on NTA Guidelines-IIT Engg.) Advanced Chemistry Study Plan

TopicPractice Questions (with Explanations)
Atomic Structure

Questions (16)

Basic Concepts in Chemistry

Questions (38)


Questions (18)

Chemical Bonding

Questions (21)

Chemical Kinetics

Questions (24)

Chemical Thermodynamics

Questions (20)

Classification of Elements & Periodicity

Questions (19)

Coordination Compounds

Questions (41)

D and F Block Elements

Questions (4)

Day to Day Chemistry

Questions (6)

Environmental Chemistry

Questions (5)


Questions (16)


Questions (24)


Questions (7)

Isolation of Metals

Questions (6)

Nuclear Chemistry

Questions (1)

Organic Compounds with Halogens

Questions (5)

Organic Compounds with Nitrogen

Questions (9)

Organic Compounds with Oxygen

Questions (27)

P-Block Elements Group 13 to 18

Questions (14)


Questions (11)

Practical Chemistry

Questions (3)

Principles of Organic Chemistry

Questions (21)

Purification & Characteristics of Organic Compounds

Questions (2)

Redox Reactions & Electrochemistry

Questions (30)

S-Block Elements Group 1 and 2

Questions (7)


Questions (27)

States of Matter

Questions (48)

Surface Chemistry

Questions (5)