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Question 129


Appeared in Year: 2013

Describe in Detail


Make a precis of each of the following two passages in about one-third of the original length, using your own words.

(Note: The precis must be written only on the special sheets provided for the purpose, writing one word in each block. The sheets should be fastened securely inside the answer book.) (20 + 10 = 30 Mark)

In the United States they have opened their first rehabilitation centre for Internet Addicts. De-addiction camps in China were in the news recently for the death of a teenager because of the brutal methods used to cure “Internet Addiction” (lA) . Our country must seriously think about such centres that help de-addict compulsive Internet-users, both young and old. lA for now is a catch-all term that not only stands for addiction to specific activities such as gambling or gaming but also refers to longer hours devoted to the computer network at the expense of other activities. Though the Internet is only a medium of communication and information transmission and retrieval (like the printed book or television) , “addiction” is being used in this case with concern because of a fundamental dialectic: ‘quantity becomes quality.’

A whole new world is just a click away with the Internet. It is a medium ″ just like books and television, but the amount of interaction it makes possible with others, sometimes replacing the need for real-world interaction, makes it vastly different. Educators, neuroscientists, and those others having public health concerns in all developing and developed countries have woken up to this reality. According to expert euro psychiatric opinion, lA is somewhere between Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and addiction due to substance abuse. Substance abuse-led addiction focuses on gratification which this form of attachment provides, though there is no chemical ingestion. At the same time, the behavioral modifications are similar to those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is almost like the ‘rush’ gamblers get out of a purely gratification-oriented repetitive action. (262 words)


Title: Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction centre is something that our country must seriously think to help de-addict compulsive Internet-users. A whole new world is just a click away with Internet. It is a medium just like books and television, but the amount of interaction it makes, sometimes replacing the need for real-world interaction. Accor…

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