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Question number: 49

» Precis Writing


Appeared in Year: 2014

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Make a precis of each of the following two passages in about one-third of the original length, using your own words:

(Note: The precis must be written only on the special sheets provided for the purpose, writing one word in each block. The sheet should be fastened securely inside the answer book. ) (30 Mark)

The real implication of equal distribution is that each man shall have the wherewithal to supply all his natural needs and no more. For example, if one man has a weak digestion and requires only a quarter of a pound of flour for his bread and another needs a pound, both should be in a position to satisfy their wants. To bring this ideal into being the entire social order has got to be reconstructed. A society based on non-violence cannot nurture any other ideal. We may not perhaps be able to realize the goal, but we must bear it in mind and work unceasingly to go near it. To the same extent as we progress towards our goal we shall find contentment and happiness, and to that extent too shall we have contributed towards the bringing into being of a non-violent society. It is perfectly possible for an individual to adopt this way of life without having to wait for others to do so. And if an individual can observe a certain rule of conduct, it follows that a group of individuals can do likewise. It is necessary for me to emphasize the fact that no one need wait for anyone else in order to adopt a right course. Men generally hesitate to make a beginning if they feel that the objective cannot be had in its entirety. Such an attitude of minds is in reality a bar to progress. Now let us consider how equal distribution can be brought about through non-violence. The first step towards it is for him who has made this ideal part of his being to bring about the necessary changes in his personal life. He would reduce his wants to a minimum, bearing in mind the poverty of India.


TITLE: Equal distribution of supply

Equal distribution means that everyone shall have the wherewithal to supply to fulfil all his natural needs. For this, the order of the entire society has to be reconstructed. It is possible for an individual to adopt this way of life on his own. If one person can do it, a group of individuals can do likewise. Men

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