IMO- Mathematics Olympiad Class 7: Questions 579 - 579 of 1012

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Question number: 579

» Triangle and Its Properties



In the given figure, triangles ABC and DCB are right angled at B and C respectively and Equation , then Equation of from

Triangle poly1 Triangle poly1: Polygon A, B, CTriangle poly2 Triangle poly2: Polygon C, D, BSegment c Segment c: Segment [A, B] of Triangle poly1Segment a Segment a: Segment [B, C] of Triangle poly1Segment b Segment b: Segment [C, A] of Triangle poly1Segment b_1 Segment b_1: Segment [C, D] of Triangle poly2Segment c_1 Segment c_1: Segment [D, B] of Triangle poly2Segment d Segment d: Segment [B, C] of Triangle poly2Segment l Segment l: Segment [O, P] Segment f Segment f: Segment [U, V] Segment f_1 Segment f_1: Segment [U_1, V_1] Segment f_2 Segment f_2: Segment [U_2, V_2] Segment f_3 Segment f_3: Segment [U_3, V_3] Segment g Segment g: Segment [W, Z] Segment g_1 Segment g_1: Segment [W_1, Z_1] Point A A = (1.54, 7.36) Point A A = (1.54, 7.36) Point A A = (1.54, 7.36) Point B B = (1.54, 4.66) Point B B = (1.54, 4.66) Point B B = (1.54, 4.66) Point C C = (8.52, 4.66) Point C C = (8.52, 4.66) Point C C = (8.52, 4.66) Point D D = (8.52, 7.44) Point D D = (8.52, 7.44) Point D D = (8.52, 7.44)

Image of Two Triangles DCB and ABC

Showing an image of two triangles DCB and ABC.


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