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Question number: 728

» Perimeter and Area



A garden is 125 m long and 85 m wide. It has two roads in its center of uniform width of 15 m, one parallel to its length and the other parallel to its breadth. Find the cost of leveling the roads at per square meter.

Quadrilateral poly1Quadrilateral poly1: Polygon A, B, C, DQuadrilateral poly2Quadrilateral poly2: Polygon E, F, G, HQuadrilateral poly3Quadrilateral poly3: Polygon I, J, K, LSegment aSegment a: Segment [A, B] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment bSegment b: Segment [B, C] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment cSegment c: Segment [C, D] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment dSegment d: Segment [D, A] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment eSegment e: Segment [E, F] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment fSegment f: Segment [F, G] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment gSegment g: Segment [G, H] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment hSegment h: Segment [H, E] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment iSegment i: Segment [I, J] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment jSegment j: Segment [J, K] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment kSegment k: Segment [K, L] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment lSegment l: Segment [L, I] of Quadrilateral poly3125 mtext1 = “125 m”85 mtext1_1 = “85 m”15 mtext1_2 = “15 m”

Image of a Rectangular Garden Having to Roads in It


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