IMO Level 1- Mathematics Olympiad (SOF) Class 3: Questions 480 - 480 of 582

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Question number: 480

» Geometry



There are ________ horizontal lines in the following figure.

Polygon poly1Polygon poly1: Polygon [A, B, 3] Polygon poly1Polygon poly1: Polygon [A, B, 3] Quadrilateral poly2Quadrilateral poly2: Polygon D, E, F, GTriangle poly3Triangle poly3: Polygon J, K, LQuadrilateral poly2_1Quadrilateral poly2_1: Polygon D_1, E_1, F_1, G_1Triangle poly4Triangle poly4: Polygon M, N, OQuadrilateral poly5Quadrilateral poly5: Polygon P, Q, R, SQuadrilateral poly5_1Quadrilateral poly5_1: Polygon P_1, Q_1, R_1, S_1Quadrilateral poly6Quadrilateral poly6: Polygon T, U, V, WTriangle poly7Triangle poly7: Polygon Z, A_1, B_1Triangle poly8Triangle poly8: Polygon J_1, M_1, N_1Circle cCircle c: Circle through I_1 with center C_1Circle cCircle c: Circle through I_1 with center C_1Segment fSegment f: Segment [A, B] of Polygon poly1Segment gSegment g: Segment [B, C] of Polygon poly1Segment hSegment h: Segment [C, A] of Polygon poly1Segment dSegment d: Segment [D, E] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment eSegment e: Segment [E, F] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment f_1Segment f_1: Segment [F, G] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment g_1Segment g_1: Segment [G, D] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment iSegment i: Segment [H, I] Segment lSegment l: Segment [J, K] of Triangle poly3Segment jSegment j: Segment [K, L] of Triangle poly3Segment kSegment k: Segment [L, J] of Triangle poly3Segment d_1Segment d_1: Segment [D_1, E_1] of Quadrilateral poly2_1Segment e_1Segment e_1: Segment [E_1, F_1] of Quadrilateral poly2_1Segment f_2Segment f_2: Segment [F_1, G_1] of Quadrilateral poly2_1Segment g_2Segment g_2: Segment [G_1, D_1] of Quadrilateral poly2_1Segment oSegment o: Segment [M, N] of Triangle poly4Segment mSegment m: Segment [N, O] of Triangle poly4Segment nSegment n: Segment [O, M] of Triangle poly4Segment pSegment p: Segment [P, Q] of Quadrilateral poly5Segment qSegment q: Segment [Q, R] of Quadrilateral poly5Segment rSegment r: Segment [R, S] of Quadrilateral poly5Segment sSegment s: Segment [S, P] of Quadrilateral poly5Segment p_1Segment p_1: Segment [P_1, Q_1] of Quadrilateral poly5_1Segment q_1Segment q_1: Segment [Q_1, R_1] of Quadrilateral poly5_1Segment r_1Segment r_1: Segment [R_1, S_1] of Quadrilateral poly5_1Segment s_1Segment s_1: Segment [S_1, P_1] of Quadrilateral poly5_1Segment tSegment t: Segment [T, U] of Quadrilateral poly6Segment uSegment u: Segment [U, V] of Quadrilateral poly6Segment vSegment v: Segment [V, W] of Quadrilateral poly6Segment wSegment w: Segment [W, T] of Quadrilateral poly6Segment b_1Segment b_1: Segment [Z, A_1] of Triangle poly7Segment z_1Segment z_1: Segment [A_1, B_1] of Triangle poly7Segment a_1Segment a_1: Segment [B_1, Z] of Triangle poly7Segment n_1Segment n_1: Segment [J_1, M_1] of Triangle poly8Segment j_1Segment j_1: Segment [M_1, N_1] of Triangle poly8Segment m_1Segment m_1: Segment [N_1, J_1] of Triangle poly8

Figure Shows the Various Shapes


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