IMO Level 1- Mathematics Olympiad (SOF) Class 10: Questions 790 - 790 of 968

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Question number: 790

» Area, Surface Area & Volume



The decorative block shown in figure is made of two solids, a cube and a hemisphere. The base of the block is a cube with edge and the hemisphere fixed on the top has a diameter of . The total surface area of the block is________.

Quadrilateral poly1Quadrilateral poly1: Polygon A, B, C, DQuadrilateral poly2Quadrilateral poly2: Polygon A, E, F, BQuadrilateral poly3Quadrilateral poly3: Polygon F, G, C, BEllipse hEllipse h: Ellipse with foci H, I passing through JArc kArc k: CircumcircularArc [H, K, I] Segment aSegment a: Segment [A, B] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment bSegment b: Segment [B, C] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment cSegment c: Segment [C, D] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment dSegment d: Segment [D, A] of Quadrilateral poly1Segment a_1Segment a_1: Segment [A, E] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment eSegment e: Segment [E, F] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment fSegment f: Segment [F, B] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment b_1Segment b_1: Segment [B, A] of Quadrilateral poly2Segment f_1Segment f_1: Segment [F, G] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment gSegment g: Segment [G, C] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment c_1Segment c_1: Segment [C, B] of Quadrilateral poly3Segment b_2Segment b_2: Segment [B, F] of Quadrilateral poly3Vector uVector u: Vector [L, M] Vector uVector u: Vector [L, M] Vector vVector v: Vector [N, O] Vector vVector v: Vector [N, O] Vector wVector w: Vector [S, T] Vector wVector w: Vector [S, T] Vector iVector i: Vector [S, U] Vector iVector i: Vector [S, U] 4 cmtext1 = “4 cm”4.8 cmtext2 = “4.8 cm”

The Decorative Block


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