Electricity and Magnetism-Current Electricity [IFS (Forests Services) Physics (Mains)]: Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Question number: 1

» Electricity and Magnetism » Current Electricity » Self and Mutual Inductances


Appeared in Year: 2012

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Describe in Detail

Explain the term ‘mutual inductance’ between two coils carrying current. Describe a method of determining mutual inductance between two coils of wire with relevant theory. (Paper-1) (Section-B)


  • By changing magnetic field around turns of an inductor, an emf induced in it and this emf is also induced in the same circuit by changing in current, this effect is called Self-induction (L) .

  • When a coil in which emf induced situated in the region of the same magnetic field, the induced emf is called Mutual induction. If two or more coils are magne

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