Classical Mechanics-Particle Dynamics (IFS Physics (Mains)): Questions 1 - 2 of 2

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Question number: 1

» Classical Mechanics » Particle Dynamics » Conservation of Linear and Angular Momentum

Appeared in Year: 2011

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A particle of rest mass ‘M’ moving at a velocity ‘u’ collides with a stationary particle of rest mass ‘m’. If the particle stick together, show that the speed of the composite ball is equal to,

v=uγMγM+m, Where γ=11u2c2 (Paper-1) (Section –A)

Question number: 2

» Classical Mechanics » Particle Dynamics » Rotating Frames

Appeared in Year: 2013

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A satellite revolves in a circular orbit around the Earth at a certain height above it. Calculate the time period of revolution of the satellite, if the radius of the Earth is significantly higher than the height at which the satellite revolves. (Section A)

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