Thermodynamics-Applications of Thermo-Dynamic Laws [IFS (Forests Services) Mechanical Engineering(Mains)]: Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Question 1

Applications of Thermo-Dynamic Laws

Describe in Detail


10 kg of pure ice at temperature of -10 is separated from 6 kg of pure water at 10 in an adiabatic chamber using a thin membrane. Ice & water mixes uniformly at constant pressure.

At this pressure,

Melting temperature of ice = 0

Latent heat of melting of ice = 335 KJ/kg

Specific heat of ice, KJ/kg-K

Specific heat of water, KJ/kg-K

(a) After completion of mixing, find final equilibrium temperature.

(b) Due to mixing, find the change in entropy of universe.

(c) Is final phase of system solid ice, liquid water or ice-water mixture?


Thermodynamic (Entropy)


= heat required to completely melt the ice


= heat lost by water in cooling from 10 to 0


From above, it is clearly seen that

i.e.. Ice takes 210 KJ of heat from water & get converted from ice at -10 to ice at 0. Remaining heat ( KJ) is used to melt ice at 0 to water at 0.


Hence, final equilibrium temperature of m…

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