Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning-Fundamentals for Diffusive and Connective Mass Transfer [IFS (Forests Services) Mechanical Engineering(Mains)]: Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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Question 1

Fundamentals for Diffusive and Connective Mass Transfer

Describe in Detail


A rectangular duct of width 25 cm has a 2-d irrotational flow. It has an elbow made up of circular area of radius 40 cm & 65 cm for inner & outer walls respectively. Assuming flow to be irrotational vortex (V ⚹ r = const) . Calculate the discharge of duct when the difference in pressure b/w outer & inner wall is 30 KPa.


By solving the above problem, we are verifying one of the assumption of BERNOULI՚s equation.

“For an irrotational flow (V ⚹ r = const) , Bernouli՚s equation can be used across the streamline.”

Consider a duct to be in horizontal plane.

Applying Bernoulli՚s equation between point 1 & 2.

Fluid Mechanics (Fluid Dynamics)

Datum, Velocity, Pressure Head


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