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Question number: 355

» Grammar


Appeared in Year: 2014

Short Answer Question▾

Write in Short

Make sentence using the pair of words in such a way that their meaning is clear in the context.


Question number: 356

» Precis Writing


Appeared in Year: 2016

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Write a precise of the following in one third of its length. Do not give a title to it. The precis should be written in your own language. Show the number of words at the end of the precis.

If scientists succeed in making use of the power of the sun, this new energy will have many different uses. Mirrors can concentrate the sun’s energy- to create extremely high temperatures that can melt metals. Iron melts at 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, and sunlight has been concentrated by mirrors to produce temperatures several times higher. Many countries that have deposits of valuable ores do not have the fossil fuels needed to refine them. However, there is plenty of free sunshine. So instead of importing expensive fuels, these countries may someday use the free fuel of the sun.

The sun’s energy can be used in your own house for heating and cooking. Imagine cooking your dinner on an outdoor solar stove which uses the sun for its source of heat. You could do it in the winter sun, too, for solar stoves are built to focus the sun’s energy on a particular area to concentrate the heat. In countries where the Supply Of fuel is scarce, solar cookers are being used on a limited scale. Unfortunately, for the average user everywhere the price of the solar cooker is too high.

The sun can also be used as a source of fuel for power plants. One scientist who has studied the sun’s energy for years has developed a solar heater that will produce steam power at a reasonable cost. Such experimental power plants may lead the way to more extensive use of solar enerw in running machinery and producing light.

Solar energy can be used in telephone communication, in space travel, and in farming. Solar cells have been used experimentally for a number of years to power telephone lines, and they space instruments. Solar pumps that can raise water for irrigation have also been developed, but they are seldom used because they are too expensive.

One of the practical problems of using solar enerw is making its supply continuous. What can be done when the sun is not shining on the heating system? If you were using a solar pump for irrigation, the interruption of sunlight would not matter, since plants do not need a continuous supply of water, day and night. But suppose you were heating your house by using solar energy. ! A number of houses that are experimentally heated in this way use storage tanks to hold the heat for the nighttime and rainy spells, or have supplementary systems that generate heating by using ordinary fuels.

There are other practical problems to be solved before the sun is put to work on a large scale. But once the sun is harnessed, the supply of ene1W will be Inexhaustible. No wonder, those who look to the skies, find startling changes in our future ways of life there. (464 words)


It would be better for those countries with scarce supply of fossil fuels to use the free sunshine as the source of energy instead of exporting expensive fuels. It is interesting to use a solar stove which can focus solar energy on a particular area to concentrate the heat. But, the solar cookers are too expensive for an average user to afford. Sol

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