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Question number: 264

» Precis Writing


Appeared in Year: 2012

Essay Question▾

Describe in Detail

Write summaries of the following in about one third of its size.

Write Summaries of the following two passages in about one-third of each original passage. Give a suitable title for each which will carry 5 marks. Summaries that do not reasonably conform to the expected word limit will be appropriately penalised. The summaries must be written on the special sheets provided for the purpose and then these sheets should be carefully fastened inside the answer-book. The exact number of words used in the summary must be mentioned at the end

Indology began with Sir William Jones’ observation in 1784 that Sanskrit and European languages were related. Jones was a capable linguist but he was also responsible for interpreting Indian law and customs to his employers, the British East India Company. This dual -HFO/57 t P. T. C role of Indologists as scholars as well as interpreters of India continued well into the 20th century. The Indologists’ role as interpreters of India ended with Independence in 1947, but many academic Indologists, especially in the West, failed ‘to see it. They continued to get students from India, which seems to have lulled them into believing that it would be business as usual. But today, six decades later, Indian immigrants and persons of Indian origin occupy influential positions in business, industry and now in the governments in the US and the UK. They are now part of the establishment in their adopted lands. No one in the West today looks to Ind0100’ departments for advice on matters relating to India when they can get it from their next-door neighbour.


Diminishing role of Indologist as interpreters

The dual role of Indologists as scholars and interpreters of Indian laws and customs ended in 1947. But, some academic Indologists thought that it would be business as usual. After six decades when Indian immigrants and migrants settled in their adapted lands, the western people stopped relying on Ind

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