Physiology and Biochemistry-Storage and Germination of Seed (IFS (Forests Services) Botany (Mains)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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» Physiology and Biochemistry » Storage and Germination of Seed


Appeared in Year: 2015

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Trace the physiological changes associated with the process of seed germination. How is the process of germination regulated by phytohormones? (Paper 2, Section B)


Definition of seed germination:

  • The process where the seed sprouts for growing and developing into a plant is called as seed germination.
  • The start of the development of plant from seed is called seed germination.

Physiological changes:

  • A typical seed stores carbohydrates, lipids and proteins for germination.
  • As a result of imbibition and

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