Angiosperms-Ranunculaceae (IFS (Forests Services) Botany (Mains)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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» Angiosperms » Ranunculaceae


Appeared in Year: 2014

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Describe in Detail

Draw scientifically accurate diagrams of the following and label the parts: Floral formula and floral diagram of Ranunculaceae and Rosaceae (Paper - 1, Section - B)



 Image showing floral formula & floral diagram of Ranunculaceae

Image Showing Floral Formula & Floral Diagram of Ranunculaceae

There is 5 calyx and 5 corolla is present which are free, stamens are numerous, carpels are numerous and flower is bisexual.


Image showing floral formula and diagram of Rosaceae family

Image Showing Floral Formula and Diagram of Rosaceae Family

In Rosaceae family, flowers are actinomorphic, 5 free sepals, 5 free petals, numerous stamens and carpels are either one to five and syncarpous.