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We have a total of 594 Terms and Persons available on IEcoS (Economic Services) Indian Economics. Browse the Terms and Persons below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Terms and Persons available on that topic-subtopic.

History of Development and Planning (1)

Fiscal Reforms (1)

Federal Finance (18)

Constitutional Provisions Relating to Fiscal and Financial Powers of the States (2)

Finance Commissions and Their Formulae for Sharing Taxes (2)

Financial Aspect of Sarkaria Commission Report (1)

Financial Aspects of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments (13)

Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development (34)

Estimates of Inequality and Poverty Measures for India (8)

India's Human Development Record in Global Perspective (4)

India's Population Policy and Development (22)

Agriculture and Rural Development Strategies (16)

Technologies and Institutions (9)

Land Relations and Land Reforms (5)

Price Policy and Subsidies (2)

India's Experience with Urbanisation and Migration (12)

Urban Development Strategies (12)

Industry (4)

Strategy of Industrial Development (4)

Labour (2)

Employment, Unemployment and Under-Employment (1)

Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare (1)

Foreign Trade (146)

Composition (2)

Direction and Organization of Trade (17)

Recent Changes in Trade Policy (30)

Balance of Payments (17)

Tariff Policy (1)

Exchange Rate (17)

India and WTO Requirements (62)

Money and Banking (244)

Financial Sector Reforms (18)

Organisation of India's Money Market (1)

Changing Roles of the Reserve Bank of India (31)

Commercial Banks (130)

Development Finance Institutions (7)

Foreign Banks and Non-Banking Financial Institutions (15)

Indian Capital Market and SEBI (42)

Inflation (17)

Wholesale Price Index (8)

Budgeting and Fiscal Policy (100)

Tax, Expenditure, Budgetary Deficits (90)

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act (10)

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