IEcoS (Economic Services) Indian Economics Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development-India's Population Policy and Development Study Material (Page 3 of 8)

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Vital Rates: Various Vital Rates


Vital Rates

Various vital rates are used in the subject of demography in order to measure the number of births, number of deaths, changes in migrant population, number of infants dying, rate of increase in the population etc.

Various Vital Rates

Various Vital Rates

Crude Birth Rate

  • The crude b…

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Life Table: Concepts of Demography, Steps for Constructing Life Table, Separation Factor


Life Tables

What is a Life Table?

  • The life expectancy can be defined as the average number of additional years a person is expected to live if the current mortality trends continue for the rest of that person՚s life.
  • A life table shows the tabular display of life expectancy and probability of dying at each age or age group for a given population, according to the age-specific death rates prevailing at that particular time. It provides us an organized compl…

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