IEcoS (Economic Services) Indian Economics Poverty, Unemployment and Human Development-India's Population Policy and Development Study Material (Page 2 of 8)

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Optimum Theory of Population: Basis of the Theory, Explanation of the Theory Using a Figure

  • Theory of optimum population is a new theory so far; the population theorists are concerned. It appears in about 1815 AD. Professor Edward West had discussed about it in his famous treatise ‘Essay on Application of Capital to Land’ .
  • According to him, the growth of population, production will also increase because with that the specialisation in many fields will also increase.
  • Professor Sidgwick in his book ‘The Principles of political economy’ had deeply studied the whole problem and came to a conclusion that in production, the p…

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Demographic Transition Theory: Different Stages of the Theory

  • The theory of demographic transition as formulated by Frank Notestian is based upon the actual experience of the developing countries and this theory has been discussed in the recent times.
  • The theory explains the growth of population through three different stages of economic development in a country.
  • It is a model which is used to represent the process of explaining the transformation of countries from high birth rates and high death rates to low birth rates and low death rates which is a part of economic development of a country from pre industrial economy to an industrialised economy.
  • This is based upon an interpretation wh…

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