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We have a total of 328 Study Material available on IES-ESE (Engineering Services) Electronics. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Basic Electronics Engineering (47)

Basics of Semiconductors (3)

Diode and Transistor Basics and Characteristics (8)

Diodes for Different Uses (21)

Junction & Field Effect Transistors (BJTs, JFETs, MOSFETs) (2)

Oscillators and Other Circuits (7)

Operational Amplifiers and Their Applications-Linear and Non-Linear (6)

Basic Electrical Engineering (1)

Mesh and Nodal Analysis (1)

Materials Science (2)

Semiconductors and Physics (2)

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation (15)

Principles of Measurement (5)

Measuring Instruments for Different Applications (3)

Measurement Systems for Non-Electrical Quantities (4)

Different Types of Transducers and Displays (3)

Network Theory (15)

Network Graphs & Matrices (3)

Solution of Network Equations Using Laplace Transforms: Frequency Domain Analysis of RLC Circuits (9)

2: Port Network Parameters: Driving Point & Transfer Functions (3)

Analog and Digital Circuits (97)

Diode Circuits for Different Uses (8)

Biasing & Stability of BJT & JFET Amplifier Circuits (2)

Analysis and Design of Amplifier: Single and Multi: Stage (4)

Feedback & Uses (2)

Multipliers (2)

Wave Shaping (1)

A to D and D to a Converters (6)

Boolean Algebra & Uses (11)

Logic Gates (7)

Digital IC Families (8)

Combinatorial and Sequential Circuits (21)

Basics of Multiplexers (6)

Counters, Registers, Memories, and Microprocessors (19)

Analog and Digital Communication Systems (22)

Information Theory (2)

Systems: FM (3)

Optical Communication: Basics (9)

Optical Communication: Fibre Optics (6)

Optical Communication: Theory (1)

Optical Communication: Practice and Standards (1)

Computer Organization and Architecture (82)

Basic Architecture (2)

Elements of Programming Languages (80)

Electro Magnetics (35)

Maxwell's Equations: Basic Concepts (6)

Wave Propagation through Different Media (7)

Transmission Lines: Different Types (11)

Transmission Lines: Smith's Chart (3)

Transmission Lines: Impedance Matching and Transformation (2)

Waveguides: Basics (4)

Antennas: Radiation Pattern (2)

Advanced Electronics Topics (10)

VLSI Design: Basics (2)

VLSI Design: Principles (8)

Advanced Communication Topics (2)

Principles, Practices, Technologies, Security, and Uses of OSI Model (2)

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