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We have a total of 725 Questions available on IAS (Admin.) Prelims World Geography. You can choose a topic or subtopic below or view all Questions. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Questions available on that topic.

The Earth and the Universe (30)

The Earth's Crust (37)

Vulcanism and Earthquakes (35)

Weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater (30)

Landforms Made by Running Water (30)

Landforms of Glaciation (30)

Arid or Desert Landforms (30)

Limestone and Chalk Landforms (30)

Lakes (30)

Coastal Landforms (29)

Islands and Coral Reefs (30)

The Oceans (30)

Weather (30)

Climate (30)

The Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate (30)

The Tropical Monsoon and Tropical Marine Climates (30)

The Savanna or Sudan Climate (34)

The Hot Desert and Mid-Latitude Desert Climates (30)

The Warm Temperate Western Margin (Mediterranean) Climate (31)

The Temperate Continental (Steppe) Climate (30)

The Warm Temperate Western Margin (China Type) Climate (36)

The Cool Temperate Western Margin (British Type) Climate (18)

The Cool Temperate Continental (Siberian) Climate (20)

The Cool Temperate Eastern Margin (Laurentian) Climate (20)

The Arctic or Polar Climate (15)

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