Ethics and Moral Decision Making-Ethics and Moral Decision Making (IAS (Admin.) Prelims CSAT Paper-II (Aptitude)): Questions 1 - 1 of 1

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» Ethics and Moral Decision Making » Ethics and Moral Decision Making

Appeared in Year: 2014



“Price is not the same thing as value. Suppose that on a day the price of everything viz. , coal, bread, postage stamps, a day’s labour, the rent of houses, etc. were to double. Prices then would certainly rise, but values of all things except one would not. ”

The writer wants to say that if prices of all things were doubled


Choice (4) Response


the value of money only would be halved.


the values of the things bought would be halved.


the values of all things would remain constant.


the values of the things sold would be doubled.

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