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We have a total of 93 Study Material available on IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains Zoology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Instrumental Methods (1)

Electron Microscopy (TEM, SEM) (1)

Cell Biology (2)

Structure and Function of Cell and Its Organelles (2)

Genetics (5)

Sex Chromosomes and Sex Determination (2)

Mendel's Laws of Inheritance (3)

Evolution (5)

Origin of Life (1)

Natural Selection, Mutation, Mimicry, Variation, Isolation, Speciation (3)

Hardy-Weinberg Law, Gene Frequency (1)

Biochemistry (54)

Carbohydrates, Fats, Lipids, Proteins, Aminoacids, Nucleic Acids (50)

Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle (1)

Hormone Classification (1)

Enzymes (2)

Physiology (20)

Composition and Constituents of Blood (6)

Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport (3)

Haemoglobin (2)

Nutritive Requirements (3)

Types of Muscles, Mechanism of Contraction (1)

Neuron, Nerve Impulse and Synaptic Transmission (1)

Vision, Hearing and Olfaction in Man (1)

Mechanism of Hormone Action (3)

Developmental Biology (6)

Differentiation from Gamete to Neurula Stage (2)

Metaplasia, Induction, Morphogenesis and Morphogen (1)

Organogenesis of Eye and Heart, Placentation in Mammals (1)

Role of Cytoplasm (1)

Invasiveness of Placenta (1)

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