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We have a total of 206 Study Material available on IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains Sociology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Sociology - the Discipline (4)

Modernity and Social Changes in Europe and Emergence of Sociology (1)

Scope of the Subject and Comparison with Other Social Sciences (1)

Sociology and Common Sense (2)

Sociology as Science (7)

Science, Scientific Method and Critique (1)

Major Theoretical Strands of Research Methodology (2)

Positivism and Its Critique (1)

Fact Value and Objectivity (2)

Non-Positivist Methodologies (1)

Research Methods and Analysis (24)

Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (12)

Techniques of Data Collection (6)

Variables, Sampling, Hypothesis, Reliability and Validity (6)

Sociological Thinkers (7)

Karl Marx (1)

Emile Durkhteim (2)

Max Weber (1)

Robert K. Merton (1)

Mead (2)

Stratification and Mobility (11)

Concepts (4)

Theories of Social Stratification (2)

Dimensions (4)

Social Mobility (1)

Works and Economic Life (9)

Social Organization of Work in Diff. Types of Society (6)

Formal and Informal Organization of Work (2)

Labour and Society (1)

Politics and Society (13)

Sociological Theories of Power (1)

Power Elite (1)

Bureaucracy (1)

Political Parties (1)

Nation (1)

Democracy (1)

Civil Society (1)

Protest (1)

Agitation (1)

Social Movements (1)

Collective Action (1)

Revolution (2)

Religion and Society (13)

Sociological Theories of Religion (1)

Types of Religious Practices (3)

Religion in Modern Society (9)

Systems of Kinship (8)

Family, Household, Marriage (1)

Types and Forms of Family (2)

Lineage and Descent (1)

Patriarchy and Sexual Division of Labour (3)

Social Change in Modern Society (10)

Sociological Theories of Social Change (3)

Development and Dependency (3)

Agents of Social Change (2)

Science, Technology and Social Change (2)

Introducing Indian Society (9)

Perspectives on the Study of Indian Society (2)

Impact of Colonial Rule on Indian Society (7)

Social Structure (39)

Rural and Agrarian Social Structure (7)

Perspectives on the Study of Caste Systems (8)

Caste System (4)

Tribal Communities in India (8)

Social Classes in India (5)

Systems of Kinship in India (6)

Religion and Society (1)

Social Changes in India (52)

Visions of Social Change in India (6)

Rural and Agrarian Transformation in India (11)

Industrialization and Urbanisation in India (6)

Politics and Society (4)

Social Movements in Modern India (6)

Population Dynamics (3)

Population Dynamics - Emerging Issues (3)

Challenges of Social Transformation (10)

Challenges of Social Transformation - Crisis of Development (3)

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