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We have a total of 560 Study Material available on IAS (Admin.) Mains Political Science. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Political Theory and Indian Politics (80)

Political Theory Meaning and Approaches (7)

Theories of the State (3)

Justice (1)

Equality (8)

Rights (6)

Democracy (5)

Concept of Power (5)

Ideology and Legitimacy (4)

Political Ideologies (4)

Indian Political Thought (16)

Western Political Thought (21)

Indian Government and Politics (315)

Indian Nationalism (1)

Constitutionalism to Mass Satyagraha (4)

Non-Cooperation (1)

Civil Disobedience (1)

Millitant and Revolutionary Movements (1)

Radical Humanist and Dalit (5)

Making of the Indian Constitution (22)

Legacies of the British Rule (1)

Different Social and Political Perspectives (13)

Salient Features of the Indian Constitution (24)

The Preamble (5)

Fundamental Rights and Duties (24)

Directive Principles (5)

Parliamentary System and Amendment Procedures (59)

Judicial Review and Basic Structure Doctrine (10)

Principal Organs of the Union Government (1)

Envisaged Role and Actual Working of the Executive (2)

Legislature and Supreme Court (19)

Principal Organs of the State Government (1)

Grassroots Democracy (14)

Statutory Institutions, Commissions (25)

Federalism (12)

Planning and Economic Development (5)

Nehruvian and Gandhian Perspectives (17)

Role of Planning and Public Sector (4)

Green Revolution (1)

Land Reforms and Agrarian Relations (2)

Liberalilzation and Economic Reforms (3)

Caste (4)

Religion (3)

Ethnicity in Indian Politics (1)

Party System (9)

Patterns of Coalition Politics (1)

Pressure Groups (1)

Changing Socio- Economic Profile of Legislators (1)

Social Movements (12)

Comparative Politics and International Relations (84)

Comparative Political Analysis (3)

Comparative Politics (1)

Nature and Major Approaches (3)

Political Economy and Political Sociology Perspectives (1)

Limitations of the Comparative Method (1)

State in Comparative Perspective (1)

Characteristics and Changing Nature of the State in Capitalist (1)

Politics of Representation and Participation (4)

Approaches to the Study of International Relations (16)

Key Concepts in International Relations (17)

Changing International Political Order (1)

Rise of Super Powers (2)

Strategic and Ideological Bipolarity (2)

Arms Race and Cold War (4)

Nuclear Threat (3)

Collapse of the Soviet Union (1)

Unipolarity and American Hegemony (2)

Evolution of the International Economic System (2)

From Bretton Woods to WTO (1)

Third World Demand for New International Economic Order (3)

Globalization of the World Economy (1)

United Nations (2)

Regionalization of World Politics (3)

Contemporary Global Concerns (9)

India and the World (81)

Indian Foreign Policy (4)

Institutions of Policy-Making (1)

India's Contribution to the Non-Alignment Movement (4)

Different Phases (4)

Current Role (1)

India and South Asia (17)

India and the Global South (8)

India and the Global Centres of Power (4)

India and the UN System (6)

Role in UN Peace-Keeping (1)

Demand for Permanent Seat in the Security Council (4)

India and the Nuclear Question (2)

Changing Perceptions and Policy (6)

Recent Developments in Indian Foreign Policy (1)

India's Position on the Recent Crisis in Afghanistan (3)

Iraq and West Asia (7)

Growing Relations with US and Israel (4)

Vision of a New World Order (4)

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