Optionals IAS Mains Public Administration: Questions 95 - 99 of 167

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Question 95



The ministers in the council of ministers at the state level are appointed by the


Choice (4)Response




President of the party


Chief Minister


Prime minister

Question 96


Appeared in Year: 2019

Describe in Detail


Emerging developmental aspirations of the society necessitate the constitutional amendment to change the present safeguards available to the civil servants. Evaluate the pros and cons of such amendment. (10 Marks)


Development Administration

  • Development administration calls for action oriented, change oriented and goal oriented administrative system and Administrative Development calls for enhancing the capabilities of administrators in structural, procedural and behavioural aspects of administration so that they can achieve the objectives of development admin…

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Question 97

Functions of the Executive (C.I. Barnard)

Appeared in Year: 2019

Describe in Detail


“Chester Barnard in ‘The Function of the Executive’ injected ‘the social’ in the study of organization. Explain in this context how the executive is expected to play a much greater role than a manager.” (10 Marks)


Chester Bernard

  • Chester Bernard talks about cooperative social system. Social System means organization belong to social environment. As Social environment Changes Executive is expected to play much greater role than a manager.
  • Social environment influences organization. That social environment influences people in organization. For instance, People …

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Question 98


Describe in Detail


New Public Management has been branded by certain scholars as ‘Neo-Taylorism’ . Is it a justified comparison? What factors have led to the decline of NPM as soon after its birth? (20 Marks)


New Public Management

NPM and Neo Taylorism are philosophies which have advocated increased role of private managerial practices into the government functioning to improve its productivity and performance.



Both of them have emphasized upon the values such as efficiency, economy, and effectiveness. These values sought to decrease was…

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Question 99


Appeared in Year: 2019

Describe in Detail


Considerable attention has been paid to the restructuring of the administrative systems at the Central and local levels, but very few reforms have been undertaken at the State level. What steps would you suggest to rectify it? (20 Marks)


The Seventh Schedule

  • The Seventh Schedule clearly demarcates the legislative and functional domain of the Union and the States, highlights the critical role envisaged for State Governments in fulfilling the aspirations set out in the Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • Woodrow Wilson said that there should be continuous reforms in administration of…

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