Answer Writing Practice-Now Get Your IAS GS & Geography/Psychology Optional Answers Evaluated by Expert: Detailed and Comprehensive Feedback Provided By Dr. Jain Over Phone

Get any of your answers evaluated by our experts- students read 100’s of model answers -but- now understand how to make your answers the best among best with personalized feedback from Dr. Jain. Remember, presentation is as important as knowledge, hone your presentation skills.


  • Subscribe to an answer evaluation pack below. For evaluation we consider one answer to be between 10/15 marks. So 2 or 3 short notes worth 5 marks each would be considered a single answer.

  • After subscription, you will receive an enrollment number in the email. This enrollment number MUST be mentioned on each answer you send for evaluation.

  • Once you are done writing, scan and send in your copy for evaluation. Do not forget to mention your enrollment number before sending. Provide us around 7 days to review your answer.

  • After evaluating your answer, you will get a call from Dr. Jain providing personalized areas of improvement (for each answer). We will also send you evaluated copy of your answer. We also tell you what you did right- so keep doing that!

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Answer Evaluation Packs

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