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Question 40

Appeared in Year: 2010

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

In CO molecule line occurs at a frequency Calculate the moment of inertia of CO molecule. (Marks: 10)

Question 41

Elementary Ideas About High Temperature Superconductivity

Appeared in Year: 2014

Write in Short

Short Answer▾

Lead in the superconducting state has critical temperature of at zero magnetic field and a critical magnetic field of Determine the critical filed at . (10 Marks)

Question 42


Appeared in Year: 2003

Describe in Detail


Explain why superconductors are perfect diamagnets? (20 Marks)


  • Meissner and Ochsenfeld discovered that a superconductor expelled the magnetic flux as the former was cooled below in an external magnetic field i.e.. it behaved as a perfect diamagnet. This phenomenon is known as the Meissner effect. Such a flux exclusion is also observed if the superconductor is first cooled below and then placed in the magneti…

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Question 43

Maxwell-Boltzman Distribution, Transport Phenomena, Equipartition and Virial Theorems

Appeared in Year: 2000

Describe in Detail


What is the most probable distribution of speeds in a large number of molecules of a gas and indicate the steps for its derivation. (20 Marks)


  • For the velocity distribution of molecules in a gas, we must choose a given direction and see how many molecules have particular components of velocity along it. We define the velocity distribution as the fraction of molecules with velocities, say the x direction b/w is . The velocity distribution function is proportional to the Boltzmann factor, …

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Question 44

Appeared in Year: 2011

Describe in Detail


Calculate (15 Marks)


For the previous problem, let as find

where As the given wave function is normalized

Question 45

Euler's Equation of Motion of a Rigid Body

Appeared in Year: 2015

Describe in Detail


Using Poiseuille՚s formula, show that the volume of a liquid of viscosity coefficient passing per second through a series of two capillary tubes of lengths and having radii is obtained as where p is the effective pressure difference across the series. (15 Marks)


  • Let two capillaries A and B, of lengths and radii respectively be connected in series, as shown in figure and let a liquid of coefficient of viscosity flow through them in steady or streamline motion. Then, since two liquids are incompressible, the same volume of liquid that passes through capillary A, in a given time also passes through capilla…

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Question 46

Multiple Beam Interference and Fabry-Perot Interferometer

Appeared in Year: 2002

Describe in Detail


A wave is represented by Find wavelength , velocity , Frequency and the direction of propagation. If it interferes with another wave given by find the amplitude and the phase of the resultant wave. (20 Marks)


  • Meter.

    Angular frequency



    Gives the direction of propagation.

  • As we have so is the direction of propagation.

    = resultant of two waves.

    … eq. (1)

    … eq. (2)

  • From equation (1) and (2)

  • Phase of resultant wave

    Resultant amplitude.

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