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We have a total of 54 Study Material available on Optionals IAS Mains Geology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Paleontology (17)

Species Definition and Nomenclature (1)

Modes of Preservation of Fossils (1)

Different Kinds of Micro Fossils (2)

Application of Microfossils in Correlation (3)

Geological History and Evolutionary Trend in Cephalopoda (1)

Trilobita (1)

Brachiopoda (1)

Echi-Noidea and Anthozoa (2)

Stratigraphic Utility of Ammonoidea (1)

Trilobita and Graptoloidea (1)

Evolutionary Trend in Hominidae (1)

Equidae and Probo-Scidae (1)

Siwalik Fauna Gondwana Flora and Its Importance (1)

Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology (37)

Hydrologic Cycle and Genetic Classification of Water (1)

Movement of Subsurface Water (1)

Springs (1)

Porosity (1)

Permeability (1)

Hydraulic Conductivity (1)

Transmissivity and Storage Coefficient (1)

Classification of Aquifers (1)

Water-Bearingcharacteristics of Rocks (2)

Salt Water Intrusion (1)

Types of Wells (1)

Drainage Basin Morphometry (1)

Exploration for Groundwater (1)

Groundwater Recharge (1)

Problems and Management of Groundwater (1)

Rainwater Harvesting (1)

Engineering Properties of Rocks (4)

Geological Investigations for Dams (6)

Tunnels and Bridges (5)

Rock as Construction Material (1)

Alkali-Aggregate Reaction (1)

Landslides Causes (1)

Prevention and Rehabilitation (1)

Earthquake-Resistant Structures (1)