Test-4: Paper 2 Contemporary Geography of India (Examrace IAS Mains Geography Optional-Test Series 2016)

Max Marks: 250

Total Time: 3 Hrs



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  1. Candidates must attempt question 1, which is compulsory. Attempt any four of the remaining questions.

  2. The number of marks carried by a question/part is indicated against it.

  3. Answers must be written in English.

  4. Word limit in questions, wherever specified, should be adhered to.

  5. Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches, maps and diagrams, where appropriate. These shall be drawn in the space provided for answering the question itself.

  6. Attempts of questions shall be counted in chronological order. Unless struck off, attempt of a question shall be counted even if attempted partly.

  7. Any page or portion of the page left blank in the question-cum-answer booklet must be clearly struck off.


  1. Complete the name, enrollment number, and phone number above.

  2. Complete the paper in allotted time.

  3. Illustrate your answers with suitable sketches, maps and diagrams, where appropriate.

  4. Make note of the questions you were able to complete in the given time. If a question was partly completed, draw a line at that location.

  5. Subsequently go on to complete the remaining questions.

  6. We will provide you feedback on all 5 questions (giving you full benefit of test series), however marks will be given based on portion completed in allotted time.

  7. Send the completed test using one of the following methods:

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  8. Fully evaluated copy along with answer/approach analysis will be send back to your email (within 15 days of receipt).

  9. Improvement call: After evaluating your answers, Dr. Manishika Jain will provide personalized feedback and areas of improvement.

1. (a) Mark on the outline map of India supplied any ten of the following entries. Write brief notes (not exceeding 30 words each) on the significant aspects of the same ten entries. (2 × 5 = 10)

  • Lata Tapovan Hydro Power Project

  • Jalore

  • Krishna Nalah Forest

  • Suru River

  • Mithapur

Map of India for map location question

Map of India

Map of India for map location question

(b) Critical analyze the feasibility of the recently completed Godavari-Kaveri link (in about 150 words). (10)

(c) Digital India has led to drastic changes in rural India- Explain this statement. Substantiate the answer with case study of Chandauli Village (in about 150 words). (10)

(d) Comment on ODF with case study of “Sabar Shouchagar” (in about 150 words). (10)

(e) “Cooperative not coercive federalism is the need for strong republic”. Comment (in about 150 words). (10)

2. (a) Indian Railway has a great unifying influence on Indian Economy. Discuss this statement in light of modernization and digitization in this sector. (30)

(b) Explain the climate change taking cognizance of UN’s initiative for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (with focus on India). (20)

3. (a) Explain the Ganga Action plan and recent developments in implementation. (20)

(b) Bring out the environmental concerns with the plan for interlinking of rivers of India. Explain how to tackle these issues. (15)

(c) Explain SAUNI Yojana. How will it address the water woes in Saurashtra Region? (15)

4. (a) What is meant by crop insurance? Is it necessary? What makes such a scheme necessary for India? Evaluate how Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana will assist in improving the agricultural productivity in India. (30)

(b) Discuss the findings of IPCC 5th Climate Assessment Report and evaluate India’s progress. Should Indian subcontinent be more concerned with climate change? Why? Why not? (20)

5. (a) Explain developments in health sector with regard to National Health Policy, 2015. (20)

(b) Explain meaning of conurbation. Explain it in terms of the recent developments in NCR. (15)

(c) Why is there an urgent need to protect the Western Ghats of India? Explain & critically evaluate the various committees set up for this purpose. (15)

6. (a) “India is an investment destination and global hub for manufacturing and innovation”. Critically examine this statement. (30)

(b) “Linking of major industrial towns is the need of the hour”. Evaluate this statement taking examples from India. Explain how current policies are affecting this change. (20)

7. (a) “Inclusive Growth” focuses on rural areas in India. Explain the infrastructural developments that would enable the villages to stand at-par with urban regions. (30)

(b) India should become the “human resource capital” of the world as China has become the “global manufacturing factory”. Comment (20)

8. (a) Transportation is the lifeline of a nation. Critically evaluate the statement in light of Sagar Mala Project. (30)

(b) “Mangalyaan brought Mangal to Space Research in India”. Comment. (20)

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