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Appeared in Year: 2016

Describe in Detail


Discuss the ‘Basket of egg՚s topography’ .


‘Basket of Egg՚S Topography’

  • Basket of egg ′ s topography ′ is the topography of drumlins, which are generally found in clusters.
  • Drumlins are formed by the deposition of glaciers in a till plain.
  • These are swarms of oval, elongated hummocks, which are composed of boulder clay.
  • Its shape is like an inverted boat or inverted half egg. It has unsymmetrical slopes.
  • The slope is little steeper and rough in the direction of ice flow while on the leeward side slope is gentle.
  • They are low hills varying from 7 to 40 m in height and sometimes 7 to 100m and may be 8 to 32 km long.
  • This type of topography is generally found in County Down in Northern Ireland and the glaciated plain around the Great Lakes in North America.
The Basket of Egg՚S Topography