Human Geography Recorded Lectures for Geography Optional (2020) by Dr. Manishika Jain with Answer Writing

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Perspectives in Human Geography

  • Areal differentiation

  • Regional synthesis

  • Dichotomy and dualism

  • Environmentalism

  • Quantitative revolution and locational analysis

  • Radical, behavioural, human, and welfare approaches

  • Languages, religions, and secularization

  • Cultural regions of the world

  • Human development index

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Economic Geography

  • World economic development: measurement and problems

  • World resources and their distribution

  • Energy crisis

  • The limits to growth

  • World agriculture

  • Typology of agricultural regions

  • Agricultural inputs and productivity

  • Food and nutrition problems

  • Food security

  • Famine: causes, effects, and remedies

  • World industries: locational patterns and problems

  • Patterns of world trade

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Population and Settlement Geography

  • Growth and distribution of world population

  • Demographic attributes

  • Causes and consequences of migration

  • Concepts of over-under-and optimum population

  • Population theories

  • World population problems and policies

  • Social well-being and quality of life

  • Population as social capital

  • Types and patterns of rural settlements

  • Environmental issues in rural settlements

  • Hierarchy of urban settlements

  • Urban morphology: Concepts of primate city and rank-size rule

  • Functional classification of towns

  • Sphere of urban influence

  • Rural - urban fringe

  • Satellite towns

  • Problems and remedies of urbanization

  • Sustainable development of cities

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Regional Planning

  • Concept of a region

  • Types of regions and methods of regionalization

  • Growth centers and growth poles Regional imbalances

  • Regional development strategies

  • Environmental issues in regional planning

  • Planning for sustainable development

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Models, Theories, and Laws in Human Geography

  • Systems analysis in Human geography

  • Malthusian, Marxian, and demographic transition models

  • Central Place theories of Christaller and Losch

  • Perroux and Boudeville

  • Von Thunen's model of agricultural location

  • Weber's model of industrial location

  • Rostow's model of stages of growth

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