IAS Geography Optional Recorded Lectures for (2021-2022) by Dr. Manishika Jain with Answer Writing: Cover Complete Syllabus of Geography

Learn geography from real expert and beat the tough competition! Entire syllabus of geography will be covered in 3 parts. 1 answer writing homework is included per lecture to be evaluated by Dr Jain- bridging the gap between learning and scoring!

Comprehensive lectures from renowned expert. Lectures include full opportunity to ask questions and clarifications (through email)

Geography Optional Programs

Human & Economic Geography

Physical Geography

Geography of India

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Number of Lectures (1 hr Each)222625
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What՚S Included (Features)

  • Only course with emphasis on answer writing including contemporary topics!
  • Recorded lectures would be delivered using private YouTube videos available only to registered students.
  • The classes have infinite validity- you will retain access as long as you need it.
  • Watch and cover the syllabus at your own convenience and at your own pace right from your home.
  • Especially designed from basics even for students with non-geography background.
  • Covers complete syllabus of geography.
  • Special emphasis on most important and expected topics.
  • Any queries you have can be sent over email or through our interface.
  • Ask all the questions! All the course doubts will be resolved via email (admin@examrace. com) .


  • Register or subscribe by clicking the button above.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will receive an enrollment number for the course.
  • Lectures would be available as private YouTube Videos for which you will be sent a link (to your registered email) .
  • Answers are to be written, scanned, and sent back to admin@examrace. com. They would be evaluated by Dr. Jain and sent back to you on the same email.

Queries: WhatsApp, SMS, or call + 91 - 9998008851 or email to contactus@doorsteptutor. com

Required Textbook (to be purchased separately) : Examrace IAS Mains Geography Optional Books (Set of 3) .