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Special Recorded Lectures Designed and Taught by Dr. Manishika Jain

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Geography Optional Programs
Geography Optional Programs

Human & Economic Geography

Physical Geography

Geography of India


Open for Registration

Open for Registration

Open for Registration

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4th June 2019

21st July 2019

5th January 2020

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6th June 2019

23rd July 2019

7th January 2020

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Topic-Wise Optionals IAS Mains Geography Study Plan

TopicPractice Questions (with Explanations)Watch
Agriculture - India

Questions (15)

Video (7)


Questions (4)

Video (24)


Questions (7)

Video (36)

Contemporary Issues - India

Questions (8)

Video (4)

Cultural Setting -India

Questions (5)

Video (1)

Economic Geography

Questions (3)

Video (14)

Environmental Geography

Questions (8)

Video (13)

Geography Optional Information

Video (21)


Questions (26)

Video (49)

Industry - India

Questions (1)

Map Locations

Questions (794)

Video (27)

Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography

Questions (6)

Video (11)

NCERT Geography

Video (46)


Questions (8)

Video (13)

Perspectives in Human Geography

Questions (21)

Video (20)

Physical Setting - India

Questions (8)

Video (13)

Political Aspects - India

Questions (1)

Population and Settlement Geography

Questions (7)

Video (13)

Regional Development and Planning - India

Questions (4)

Video (2)

Regional Planning

Questions (4)

Video (7)

Resources - India

Questions (2)

Video (5)

Settlements - India

Questions (4)

Video (1)

Transport, Communication and Trade - India

Questions (3)

Video (2)

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