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We have a total of 153 Study Material available on Optionals IAS Mains Commerce Accountancy. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Financial Accounting (5)

Accounting as a Financial Information System (2)

Accounting Standards (1)

Accounting for Share Capital Transactions (2)

Cost Accounting (8)

Nature and Functions of Cost Accounting (2)

Installation of Cost Accounting System (1)

Cost Concepts (2)

Methods of Costing (2)

Variance Analysis (1)

Taxation (13)

Income Tax (4)

Simple Problems of Computation of Income (6)

Set - off and Carry Forward of Loss (1)

Deductions from Gross Total Income (1)

VAT and Services Tax (1)

Auditing (3)

Company Audit (2)

Audit of Banking (1)

Financial Management (16)

Finance Function (4)

Financial Management (1)

Tools of Financial Analysis (3)

Risk and Uncertainty Analysis and Methods (1)

CAPM (1)

Designing of Capital Structure (1)

Dividend Decisions and Valuation of Firm (2)

Factors Affecting Dividend Policy (1)

Working Capital Management (1)

Corporate Restructuring (1)

Financing Decisions (1)

Theories of Capital Structure (1)

Financial Markets and Institutions (25)

Indian Financial System (2)

Money Markets (4)

Commercial Banks (3)

Reforms in Banking Sector (1)

Monetary and Credit Policy of RBI (5)

RBI as a Regulator (4)

Capital Market (1)

Financial Market Instruments (1)

Financial Services (4)

Organisation Theory (15)

Nature and Concept of Organisation (1)

External Environment of Organizations (1)

Evolution of Organisation Theory (1)

Modern Concepts of Organisation Theory (2)

Centralization and Decentralization Process (1)

Formal and Informal Organizations (1)

Designing Organizational Structures (4)

Types of Organization Structure (1)

Matrix Structure (1)

Project Structure (1)

Power Structure and Politics (1)

Organisation Behaviour (7)

Individual in Organizations (1)

Motivation (2)

Leadership (1)

Management of Conflicts in Organizations (1)

Organizational Effectiveness (2)

Human Resources Management (HRM) (50)

Meaning (19)

Human Resource Planning (7)

Job Analysis (1)

Job Description (1)

Recruitment Process (9)

Training and Development Process (7)

Performance Appraisal and 360 Degree Feed Back (4)

Salary and Wage Administration (1)

Employee Welfare (1)

Industrial Relations (IR) (10)

Worker's Participation in Management (6)

Industrial Relations in Public Enterprises (4)