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Development of Anthropology (1)

Main Branches of Anthropology (1)

  • Evolutionary Theory: Introduction - Typology of Cultural Evolution: -OR- Open in new window

Human Evolution (6)

Theories of Evolution (4)

  • Evolution & Its Principles: Speciation & Detail About Species: -OR- Open in new window
  • Theories of Evolution: Neo-Lamarckism & Darwinism Modification of Species: -OR- Open in new window
  • NEO -Darwinism: Natural Selection and Evidence Supporting Darwins Theory: -OR- Open in new window
  • Darwins Theory of Evolution: Darwins Theory of Artificial & Sexual Selection: -OR- Open in new window

Concepts of Evolutionary Biology (2)

  • Principles of Evolution: Irreversibility by Louis Dollo and Adaptive Radiatio: -OR- Open in new window
  • Neo-Evolutionary School: Parabolic Curve Theory of Cultural Evolution: -OR- Open in new window

Family (3)

Definition and Typology (1)

  • Family: a Social Institution, Introduction, Definition & Classification: -OR- Open in new window

Basic Structure and Functions (2)

  • Rules of Residence in a Family System: Functions of Family: -OR- Open in new window
  • Classical Evolutionary School - Basic Postulates of Classical Evolutionism: -OR- Open in new window

Marriage (1)

Type of Marriage (1)

  • Marriage: Concept, Definitions, Laws of Marriage and Evaluation of Marriage: -OR- Open in new window

Anthropological Theories (2)

Diffusionism (2)

Human Genetics (2)

Migration (1)

  • Synthetic Theory of Evolution - Migration and Change in Gene Frequency: -OR- Open in new window

Biological Basis of Morphological Variation of Non-Metric (1)

Traditional Indian Social System (1)

Impact of Jainism, Islam and Christianity (1)